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Industrial Safety

At Eseki, we use our professionals’ knowledge and experience in industrial safety to offer solutions as concerns compliance with technical requirements and the preparation of the necessary and mandatory documents when applying for CE Marking pursuant to European Directives.

Integrating safety in machinery design

Pursuant to the provisions of current laws as established in Directive 2006/42/EC, all industrial machinery, equipment and systems placed on the European Union market must have CE marking.

The CE declaration of conformity is the certification procedure by which a manufacturer declares that the machines it commercialises meet all essential safety and health requirements and come with the various documents required such as the technical data sheet and instructions manual.



Machinery reconversion

In some cases, machines must be modified due to a change in production needs or a need to improve the initial design. Such modifications usually involve a reconsideration of the safety measures implemented in the machines. This means applying the requirements of Directive 2006/42/EC and other standards in effect.

Machine adjustment

As part of Law 31/1995 of 8 November on Occupational Risk Prevention, Spanish Royal Decree 1215/97 establishes the minimum health and safety provisions for the use of equipment used by workers on the job in accordance with mandatory safety measures.

The original safety measures must be updated for machines acquired prior to 1 January 1995 (without CE marking).

Based on the provisions of Spanish Royal Decree 1215/97, all companies must adapt their machinery to the provisions of annexes I and II of said Royal Decree.

Work equipment without CE marking must be reviewed to verify it is compliant with each and every one of the requirements indicated in Spanish Royal Decree 1215/1997. Any anomaly detected in them is considered a breach of the law and requires correction with the establishment of corrective measures.